Intel's Ponte Vecchio, Tiger Lake, Shortages and Data Streaming Accelerator

From Tom's Hardware: It has been a busy period for Intel related news: The company recently unveiled its 2021 flagship 7nm product, the Ponte Vecchio general-purpose GPU for the Aurora exaflop supercomputer and launched its flagship oneAPI software project. Tiger Lake also appeared on Geekbench, Intel gave a sneak peak of Golden Cove and provided a supply update. Intel also announced a ‘data streaming accelerator’ coming in future CPUs and more.

At its annual HPC Developer Conference tied to Supercomputing 2019 – which saw no changes in the top 10 supercomputers compared to June – Intel made a trifecta of announcements: Aurora, Ponte Vecchio and oneAPI.

Starting from a high level, Intel disclosed the architecture of the late 2021 Aurora supercomputer, the first exascale supercomputer in the United States. A (compute) node will consist of two Sapphire Rapids CPUs and six Ponte Vecchio GPUs with HBM. They are connected via a new all-to-all Xe Link that is based on CXL. It will be programmed with oneAPI and also feature a new file system called DAOS.

On the CPU side, Sapphire Rapids is likely to feature the 10nm++ Golden Cove architecture and is part of the Eagle Stream platform. On the memory and storage side, it will feature third generation Optane Persistent Memory and Optane SSDs and the successor of next year’s 144-layer 3D NAND. (The upcoming second generation Optane PM will double in density by having four layers of 3D XPoint.)

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