Preview: AMD Pumps Up Radeon Software to 'Adrenalin 2020' With Brand New Tech

From PC Mag: It's been a winning year for AMD in the twin worlds of CPUs and GPUs, and now the company is rounding out its December with its annual major update to its Radeon Software suite of graphics apps and drivers, in the form of Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition.

This year, the company focused on improving on and expanding features from the 2019 version, while adding a few unexpected updates that could change the gaming landscape for millions of gamers around the world running on low-power graphics cards.

We got an early tour and hands-on time with the software; here's what we saw.

The first major change this year is to the interface of AMD Radeon Settings. It gets a back-to-front visual overhaul, including a one-click installation process and a new profile tool that lets you select among three pre-tuned customization-setting blocks when you boot for the first time: Gaming, eSports, or Standard.

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