Edison Mail makes the jump to the desktop with a new Mac app

From The Verge: Edison Mail (formerly known as EasilyDo Mail) is making the jump from mobile app to desktop email client with the release of a new Mac app.

I’ve been using a beta version of Edison Mail for a few days, and it’s a similar experience to the mobile versions, with a clean UI and the same built-in filters for things like travel, packages, bills & receipts, and entertainment categories. Edison’s easy unsubscribe, sender blocking, and read receipt tracker blocking features are also all included on the Mac version.

Of particular note is the fact that Edison has finally fixed one of my biggest gripes with the mobile apps with its desktop version: threaded emails now offer the option to show up as a continually scrolling thread, instead of discrete emails that had to be tapped into one at a time. Hopefully, Edison will similarly update the mobile versions of its app to offer a similar option in the future.

There’s also Edison’s customizable interface, which has been adapted from the mobile versions. The desktop app offers customizable actions on mouseover, in addition to the swipe gestures on mobile. Native macOS notifications are also supported, as is macOS’s dark mode. The app has several options for keyboard shortcuts, too: Edison’s defaults, Gmail’s set of shortcuts, or a fully custom option.

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