Google reportedly commissions Samsung to make chip for tracking body movements

From CNET: Google has contracted Samsung to design and manufacture a chip that'll be used to track body movements, according to South Korean tech blog ETNews. The report comes as Google faces staunch opposition to its acquisition of fitness tracking pioneer FitBit in the EU.

Samsung is reportedly both designing and manufacturing the chip, as opposed to building a chip to spec based on a client's design, as is usually the case. According to a different report earlier this year, Google has been working with Samsung to design custom processors for its Pixel line of Android phones. Google currently uses Qualcomm CPUs in its phones.

European regulators have said they're concerned such a move could give Google too much advertising pull by adding to its already vast database of users' private data. Google, for its part, has pledged not to use personal fitness data for ad tracking. It's unclear, however, if the chip detailed in the report is related to Google's FitBit acquisition.

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