Report: iPhone 12 to Use Smaller, Cheaper Battery

From PC Mag: Apple sells some of the most expensive smartphones on the market and it's keen to keep those prices from going any higher. So when the 5G-enabled iPhone 12 arrives later this year, we should expect it to have a smaller, cheaper battery inside.

That's the prediction of well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. As AppleInsider reports, Kuo believes Apple is attempting to keep sub-6GHz 5G tech costs between $75-$85, where as millimeter wave tech costs are thought to be in the $125-$135 range. To offset those, Apple is looking to not only squeeze its battery suppliers for lower pricing, but to switch to cheaper, smaller batteries.

The intention is to use a battery for the iPhone 12 that costs 40-50% less than the battery used in the iPhone 11. Then for the iPhone 12S, a further 30-40% cost reduction is expected compared to the iPhone 12 battery. How does Apple achieve such savings? Firstly, it's moving to a less complex battery structure by reducing the number of rigid-flex battery boards (the PCB sitting at one end of the battery pack) allowing for the battery to fit into a smaller area. Secondly, the battery capacity is being reduced based on regulatory filings discovered last month.

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