NEC's VersaPro UltraLite Laptop Weighs 1.8lbs, Promises 15-Hour Battery Life

From PC Mag: NEC is set to offer a new laptop that combines two very desirable features: it's very light and has long battery life. At least, that's what the company is promising.

As Liliputing reports, the NEC VersaPro UltraLite is a 13.3-inch Windows 10 laptop weighing just 814 grams (1.79lbs) and measures 1.21-by-8.5-by-0.66-inches. However, inside you'll find up to a Core i7-10510U processor, 16GB of LPDDR3 RAM, and up to a 512GB SSD, all hooked up to the 1080p display.

You'd think such a thin and light laptop would fall short on battery life, but NEC claims that's not the case. The standard battery promises an average of 15 hours between charges, with NEC placing the range between 10.5 to 19.5 hours based on usage. However, there's also a second battery option which adds 54 grams (0.12lbs) to the weight, but increases battery life up to 24 hours (16.5 to 31.5 hours). A full recharge takes under three hours, but fast charging via USB-C is supported and can get the battery up to 80 percent in an hour.

The laptop doesn't skimp on features elsewhere, either. It includes Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, a fingerprint sensor, USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 3.0, headphone jack, microSD card slot, HDMI, and DisplayPort connections, as well as offering optional 4G LTE. It's also running Windows 10 Pro as standard and the webcam above the screen is 720p.

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