Raspberry Pi 400 Is a $70 Computer in a Keyboard

From PC Mag: Laptops are so 2019: Raspberry Pi today unveiled its latest personal computer, which is actually a compact keyboard.

Raspberry Pi 400 is a faster version of last year's Pi 4 Model B (which is roughly 40 times more powerful than the original Raspberry Pi). But rather than selling another bare CPU, engineers shoved the processor into a portable keyboard.

"Particularly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've seen a rapid increase in the use of Raspberry Pi 4 for home working and studying," according to Eben Upton, chief executive of Raspberry Pi Trading. "But user friendliness is about more than performance: it can also be about form factor. In particular, having fewer objects on your desk makes for a simpler setup experience."

Citing classic home computers like the BBC Micro, ZX Spectrum, and Commodore Amiga—which integrated the motherboard directly into the keyboard—Upton admitted that his company has "never been shy about borrowing a good idea."

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