Google to Kill Unlimited Storage on Google Photos, Docs Next Year

From PC Mag: The days of unlimited storage for Google Photos and Google Docs are coming to an end.

Starting June 1, 2021, the apps will count any new media you save toward the storage limit on your Google account, which starts at 15GB for free users.

“Also starting June 1, any new Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms or Jamboard file will begin counting toward your free 15GB of allotted storage or any additional storage provided through Google One,” the company adds in today’s announcement.

Previously, you could back up as much media as you wanted on Google Photos—so long as the photos were limited to 16 megapixels and the videos to 1080p (which Google classifies as its "High quality" tier). The company also offered unlimited storage for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, its online office suite. But it's now preparing to pull the unlimited storage perk.

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