Disney Plus hits 73.7 million subscribers

From CNET: Disney Plus grew to 73.7 million subscribers as of Oct. 3, Disney said Tuesday, an announcement that came on the first anniversary of the streaming service's launch.

By comparison, Netflix, the biggest subscription video service in the world, has more than 195 million global subscribers. But among the raft of newer services that've launched in the last year -- such as Apple TV Plus, HBO Max and Peacock -- Disney Plus has emerged as the clear front-runner by subscribers.

The company also noted that Disney Plus' latest subscriber stats include a cache of roughly 19 million members who subscribe to Disney Plus Hotstar, the company's streaming service in India and Indonesia. Hotstar was a streaming service in those markets that was rebranded earlier this year as a hybrid of Disney Plus and the preexisting service for sports and entertainment programming. New members to Disney Plus Hotstar were the biggest contributors to Disney Plus' subscriber growth in the latest quarter.

Overall, the popularity of Disney Plus outstrips Disney's own initial predictions: The company first projected Disney Plus would reach between 60 million and 90 million subscribers about five years after launch. By hitting 73.7 million by early October, Disney Plus is already comfortably within that range before even reaching the end of year one.

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