Apple lowers App Store 'tax' to 15% for developers making under $1M a year

From CNET: Apple's changing the way it treats small developers next year, halving the 30% commission it charges on sales made through its App Store for the iPhone, iPad and Mac computer. The 15% commission will apply to companies making up to $1 million in sales per calendar year.

"The savings mean small businesses and developers will have even more funds to invest in their businesses, expand their workforce and develop new, innovative features for app users around the world," Apple said in a statement. The program will begin on Jan. 1 and will be based on a developer's sales this year.

Apple said it chose $1 million because internal studies find that apps tend to find greater success when they reach that amount. And if a developer dips below that amount, they become eligible for the program again.

The shift comes after years of debate among Apple's 28 million app developers, who've bristled at the iPhone maker's commissions as the digital storefront's expanded to more than 1.5 billion active devices. Apple has also required that the only way people can download sanctioned iPhone and iPad apps is through its app store. To many developers, Apple's heavy-handed approach stifles their business.

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