Google gets web allies by letting outsiders help build Chrome's foundation

From CNET: Google is loosening control over the core of its Chrome browser, a move that helps Microsoft, Samsung and Brave build competitors while advancing the search giant's vision of the web.

Over the past six months, Google welcomed the first outside developer into the leadership of its Chromium project, the software that powers the similarly named browser. The Alphabet subsidiary is also granting outsiders access to its previously proprietary software development system and allows outside features even when Google doesn't incorporate them into the flagship Chrome browser.

Chromium is open-source software, which means anyone can modify and use it. Even with open source, though outsiders can have trouble convincing project organizers to accept their changes and additions, making it harder to contribute and benefit.

Google took pains to draw attention to the changes at the BlinkOn conference earlier this week. "It's really cool to see so many people and groups with different priorities coming together and finding solutions that not only meet their individual agendas but also advance the common goal of improving the web," said Danyao Wang, a Chrome engineer at Google.

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