Apple to bring back MagSafe charging in MacBook Pro upgrade, report says

From CNET: Apple reportedly plans to launch new MacBook Pro laptops later this year that could bring back a fan favorite feature, while dumping one that's been less loved. The new laptops, a 14-inch model and 16-inch model, will bring back MagSafe charging, according to a report Friday from Bloomberg.

MagSafe, which auto-attached and easily popped off, used to be a feature on all MacBooks, but Apple switched to USB-C charging years ago. Apple also introduced a MagSafe charging feature for the iPhone 12 last year.

Apple may also be considering doing away with the Touch Bar. The tech giant reportedly tested versions of its MacBook Pro that removed the Touch Bar, a row of virtual, customizable buttons that sits above the keyboard that was introduced in 2016. Some Pro users have complained that the Touch Bar is slower than physical keys and causes other problems.

The new MacBook Pros will also feature the next-generation of Apple's in-house Mac processors and updated displays, according to Bloomberg. The laptops could launch around the middle of 2021.

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