Report: Apple Is Developing a Hybrid Apple TV/HomePod Device

From PC Mag: The Apple TV and HomePod are useful devices in their own right, but what if you combined the two and added a webcam? That's apparently what Apple is attempting to do.

As Bloomberg reports, a new device is thought to be under development at Apple that takes the functionality of an Apple TV, combines it with the smart speaker capabilities of the HomePod, and adds a camera as a finishing touch. What it creates is a device hooked up to your TV that can stream all the media you want to watch, all the audio you want to listen to, but also doubles as a video-conferencing solution for chats with friends and family while relaxing on your sofa.

Although such a device risks cannibalizing sales from Apple's other devices, that may be a risk Apple is willing to take. Its share of the smart home market is tiny. Last year, Apple only accounted for 2% of TV streaming media devices and less than 10% of smart speakers. With that in mind, combining the two devices makes a lot of sense.

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