Kindle Owners Can Now Use Book Covers as Lock Screen Wallpapers

From PC Mag: Amazon's Kindle e-reader has been available in various forms for 13 years now, but owners are only just gaining the ability to set a book cover as their lock screen wallpaper.

As Engadget reports, Amazon is enabling the option for most, but not all Kindle devices. The supported models include "the 8th and 10th generation Kindle, 7th and 10th generation Paperwhite, 8th, 9th and 10th generation Oasis and 7th generation Voyage." The other prerequisites are your Kindle must be running the 5.13.5 firmware according to Goodereader, and has to have ads disabled. If you purchased a Kindle "Without Ads" then you're good to go. However ad-supported ("Special Offers") Kindles will need to have the feature disabled, which costs $20.

Amazon has confirmed that the Display Cover option will work for the majority of books, magazines, comics, and manga, so you can set the lock screen to whatever you are currently reading if you wish. To enable the feature, navigate to your Kindle's settings menu and find the "Show Cover" toggle. Turning that on will automatically use the current cover of the book/mag/comic you a reading on the lock screen.

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