Twitch Is Changing Subscription Pricing Based on Where You Live

From PC Mag: Regardless of where you are in the world, a Tier 1 subscription to a Twitch channel costs $4.99. However, over the next few months that's set to change, and Twitch subs are getting cheaper for the vast majority of people outside the US.

Twitch has announced the introduction of local subscription pricing. The streaming service is responding to a call for pricing to reflect the cost of living in different countries, with $4.99 being an unaffordable price for many who want to support someone on Twitch. To begin with, Mexico and Turkey will have their subscription pricing adjusted because they are, "home to creators and viewers who have been passionate about this change for quite some time."

Starting in Q3 this year, Twitch will start rolling out pricing adjustments across Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, and admits, "subscription prices in the vast majority of countries outside of the US will be lowered." You can see the size of the task Twitch is undertaking by looking at the very long list of countries this change impacts, which makes it clear why the service decided to slowly roll out the changes.

Twitch also took its time and ran several price tests prior to making a decision. The tests clearly showed that "lower sub prices boosted overall monthly subs and sub revenue for creators. In one recent test in Brazil, lower sub prices more than doubled creator revenue and total subscriber count." Of course, some creators may see the opposite effect if their subscribers live in countries receiving a significant price drop, but at the same time the revenue drop may be more than made up for by more people being able to afford to subscribe now.

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