Arm promises 30% chip speed boost for 2022 phones with Cortex-X2 design

From CNET: Expect many 2022 phones to run about 30% faster thanks to new processors coming from chip designer Arm, the UK company whose technology is used in billions of mobile devices. The company on Tuesday announced its new processor designs, including the top-end Cortex-X2 processing core.

In 2020, Arm announced its Cortex-X1 chip design, offering new options to Android phone makers hoping for a chip customized with more powerful hardware. One high-profile X1-powered chip is Samsung's Exynos 2100, which arrived this year. The Cortex-X2 continues that effort but builds on Arm's new chip foundation, the Armv9 architecture announced in March, which adds new performance and security options.

Processing power is crucial to mobile phones. It makes games run smoothly and apps launch fast. It lets you try new technology, such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality. It speeds up your TikTok video editing. Better processing power in Arm's chip designs helps midrange phones in particular and gives Android phones a better shot at competing with speed leader Apple.

Much of Arm's success has come not from top performance but from low power usage. It's trying to offer the best of both worlds by packaging the X2 with higher efficiency processing cores, the midrange A710 and the low-power A510. Also announced Tuesday was the new Mali G710, G510 and G310 graphics cores and faster interconnect technology to mix and match different modules into a single multipurpose processor.

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