Mozilla streamlines Firefox in browser rejuvenation project

From CNET: Mozilla has reworked Firefox in an attempt to get rid of user interface clutter and to make its web browser easier to use. A new version, released Tuesday, cleans up the address bar, simplifies main-menu options, consolidates website permission requests and gives tabs a new look.

The effort is designed "to give you a safe, calm, and useful experience online," Mozilla said in a blog post.

The new tabs present the open tab as a free-floating rectangle, a visual indicator that you can drag around to reposition it in the tab strip or disconnect it entirely into a separate browser window, Mozilla said.

When websites request permission to use your camera and microphone -- for example when starting a video conference -- Firefox will present the request as a single pop-up. And gone is the three-dot menu in the address bar, which Firefox users didn't favor, according to telemetry data Mozilla gathered through 17 billion user clicks over a month.

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