Xiaomi promises its 120W fast charger won’t kill its new phone’s battery

From The Verge: If you’ve been following the Chinese phone scene for the past few years, you’ll have noticed the inescapable fast-charging arms race. It feels like every few months there’s a new champion, with high-wattage chargers constantly pushing down the time it takes to fill a phone battery.

This month, Xiaomi is making its biggest effort yet to bring its “HyperCharge” technology to a mainstream, global audience. The upcoming Xiaomi 11T Pro has a 120W charger, a huge power increase on the current global flagship Mi 11, which uses a 55W charger that can get you to 100 percent in 45 minutes. Xiaomi hasn’t revealed estimating charging times for the 11T Pro yet, but last year’s China-only Mi 10 Ultra also had a 120W charger that took just 23 minutes to fill up.

A common reaction I see to this kind of fast charger is that they’ll surely have a negative impact on battery longevity, or that there must be safety issues, or both. So I talked to Daniel Desjarlais, international head of communications and global spokesperson at Xiaomi, about the company’s fast-charging technology efforts and what people outside China should expect from the 11T Pro.

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