Nintendo's Latest Switch Software Update Unlocks Bluetooth Audio

From PC Mag: Nintendo just released the latest Switch software update (V13.0.0), and with it surprised everyone by announcing Bluetooth audio is now available as an option.

The lack of Bluetooth audio support on the Switch was frustrating. A portable gaming device that you couldn't wirelessly link to Bluetooth headphones seemed like a major oversight on the part of Nintendo, but the feature is now finally available over four years after the hybrid console launched.

With the latest software update installed, Bluetooth audio will appear as an option in the Switch's system settings menu. Enabling it does come with a few limitations, though. For example, only two wireless controllers can connect to the Switch while you're using it. Only after disabling it can more controllers be linked. And if you're starting a local wireless multiplayer game then Bluetooth audio will be disconnected.

Nintendo states that only one Bluetooth audio device can be paired at a time, but you can save up to 10 connected devices for each Switch console. There's no support for Bluetooth microphones, and there's also a chance of audio latency being experienced, but that ultimately depends on the Bluetooth headset you're using.

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