Firefox Homepage Redesign Rolls Out on Android, iOS

From PC Mag: Today, Mozilla launched a complete redesign of the Firefox homepage for Android and iOS users.

The new design is based on user feedback, and turns the homepage into a re-entry point to pick up where you left off the last time you were online. Mozilla says it's also about "saving you time and headspace, and removing the visual clutter that can often leave us feeling overwhelmed."

The homepage is now setup to quickly show a range of different content, which includes your recently saved bookmarks and recent searches grouped by topic. There's also a tab section designed to be free of clutter. It means that any tabs you've chosen to keep open will now move to an "inactive state" after 14 days of not being visited. Those tabs will still be accessible, but won't end up cluttering the interface anymore. A "Jump back in" feature also lets you quickly jump back to your last active tab (or quickly start a new search).

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