HP Preps New All-In-One PCs for Hybrid Work

From PC Mag: What’s the perfect PC for today’s hybrid work environment? HP's solution is an all-in-one that packs computing and video-conferencing needs into a single monitor.

The HP EliteOne 800 G9 All-In-One is the company’s effort to sell a PC to commercial customers that can be easily deployed in an office or an employee’s home. HP settled on an all-in-one because they offer larger displays and more powerful webcams, while minimizing the cables found on hefty desktop workstations.

“You get your PC, your power supply, your display, webcam, mics, speakers, dock for your notebook, phone charger. All of these in one solution that takes up the size of a small pizza box,” said Gretchen Irion, HP's director for education and commercial desktops.

The EliteOne G9 will come in two sizes: 23.8 inches or 27 inches. One standout feature is the stand that also doubles as a Qi-compatible wireless phone charger.

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