Thermaltake SWAFAN 12/14 RGB

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake is excited to announce the first-ever swappable fan blade design here at Thermaltake, SWAFAN 12/14 RGB Radiator Fan. SWAFAN includes two types of fan blades, not only enabling users to orient the airflow direction depending on how you like it but, meanwhile, providing glorious full RGB lighting of the fan. From tech lovers, pc builders, pc enthusiasts to modders, we can all appreciate how functionally capable this design is and take full advantage of its convenience. In the following paragraphs, let’s take a look at more details on SWAFAN 12/ 14 RGB.

SWAFAN 12/ 14 RGB literally features the swappable fan blade design, which provides more flexibility while building a PC. For example, users can adjust the airflow direction by simply swapping out the fan blades enclosed in the package. It is that easy. Via the incredibly smart design, users can build their dream PC without compromising the overall cooling performance and aesthetics. Plus, it is effortless to clean the fan blades by merely popping them out. It would save users so much time without uninstalling the whole fan to test out their ideal airflow or even just to clean, so users can spend their valuable time elsewhere. Even better, we enclose a bearing lubricant for you to take care of your fan after multiple swaps.

For cooling performance, SWAFAN 12/ 14 RGB has no slouch. Equipped with a powerful PWM-controlled fan that features a unique 9-fan blade design. It is deliberately engineered to generate a large amount of airflow while keeping optimal air pressure at the same time. It also has reinforced fan speed up to 2000 RPM, ensuring its impeccable competency in terms of cooling performance. Spectacular RGB lighting effects are icing on the cake to suffice your need for aesthetics, providing three addressable LED rings with 30 ultra-bright LEDs in total with a coverage of 16.7 million uniformity colors. In addition, light effects can also be tweaked to your satisfaction through NeonMaker software or TT RGB Plus 2.0 to choose stunning RGB lighting effects that suit you. On the other hand, SWAFAN 12/ 14 RGB adopts the latest 4th generation software controller, which brings an uninterrupted connection between RGB Software and components. Furthermore, it is designed with a DIP switch to easily set up the number of each controller. You can add up to 5 devices to this controller and 16 controllers to the software.

In summary, with incredible swappable fan blade design, customizable lighting effects, and amazing cooling performance, SWAFAN 12/ 14 RGB is ideal for any system you plan to build.