Thermaltake Unveils the brand-new CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake proudly announces CYCLEDESK 100, a new addition to their desk lineups. Under the hood, CYCLEDESK 100 is designed to address the needs of a multi-purpose desk. Designed not only for gaming and working, but professional cycling esports, CYCLEDESK 100 is packed with an exclusive APP, assorted smart features that get you poised for the day before even starting, an RGB light strip to light up your ambiance, and, last but not least, all the small details of the desk.

For starters, CYCLEDESK 100 looks nothing like your everyday desk. Its small footprint and mobility allow it to fit into the majority of environments and will change your preconception about a desk. CYCLEDESK 100 is designed with three main use cases in mind, professional cycling esports, working, and gaming. To elaborate, when using CYCLEDESK 100 for cycling esports, you can have your PC monitor or laptop set up on the desk to watch the contents you enjoy. In terms of working and gaming, to ensure all-day comfort, desk height can be easily adjusted to meet your needs. Plus, with the wheels installed, moving around your house is no longer an issue anymore.

Empowered by TT Smart Control Unit, CYCELDESK 100 can be height-adjusted through your mobile devices via WiFi or PC. Besides, 16.8 million RGB lighting colors and effects can be tweaked from the comfort of your fingertips. What’s more, your usage and height settings will be recorded, and therefore adjust desk heights according to your schedule. Lastly, with RGB Desk Mobile APP, an exclusive app for CYCLEDESK 100 available on Android and iOS, it is more than intuitive for you to switch between 4 preset desk heights from 72cm, 90cm, 100cm, to 117cm. In addition, lighting effects, frequencies, and brightness can also be tweaked effortlessly. On the other hand, with iTake Engine Software, also an exclusive app available on Android and iOS, enables users to switch between preset desk heights and lighting mentioned above, and it allows desk height to be set from anywhere between 72 cm to 117 cm (28.3" ~ 46").

We make it even easier to work with CYCLEDESK 100, users get to ascend, descend, and set as preset with a push of a button on the front panel. There’s also a display showing exactly your current desk height. As for its build quality, we have implemented upgraded electric motors for a far smoother adjusting experience. Aside from that, safety is what we value the most. CYCLEDESK 100 will automatically stop once touching the surface of unwanted objects thanks to the anti-collision safety sensor installed. More little details and features include the ability to move with four 360° rotating and lockable casters, a side laptop stand for organized desk space, a cable management system for a clutter-free user experience, and a waterproof mouse pad to keep the surface clean at all times.

CYCLEDESK 100, with its versatility being able to run in a wide array of use cases such as cycling esports, workspaces, and gaming, can not only fit in any environment you put in but provide the best ergonomics and user experience, period. CYCLEDESK 100 is second to none in terms of multi-purpose desks and is your go-to option for cycling esports, works, games, and more.

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