SpaceX Again Delays Imposing High-Speed Data Caps for Starlink

From PC Mag: SpaceX was supposed to start enforcing its controversial high-speed data caps for Starlink in February, but the company has decided to delay the policy once again.

A document on a Starlink support page now says SpaceX plans to enforce its “Fair Use” high-speed data caps policy in the US and Canada “beginning no earlier than April 2023," as noted by a user on Reddit.

The support page didn't say why the company is doing so, but this is the second time SpaceX has delayed its high-speed data caps, which were originally supposed to go into effect in December. The company then mysteriously postponed the policy’s launch to February.

SpaceX is rolling out the high-speed data caps to address network congestion. The satellite internet service has become so popular that user capacity for Starlink is stretched, which is causing speeds and broadband quality to fall for many susbcribers across the US.

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