New Windows test build signals key changes are coming for your PC

From PC World: Live commands, 2FA copying, and content-aware brightness settings: Microsoft may be releasing these features for a Windows 11 test build, but they should soon arrive on your PC.

Microsoft released Windows 11 Build 22621.1776 (KB5026446) to the Windows Insider Release Channel on Thursday. That’s a signal that, unlike many of Microsoft’s test features, the changes that the new build brings about will actually land on your PC before long. Microsoft has said that it will release bundles of new features in “moments” in between official major feature releases, and this looks like it could be the next one.

We’ve seen many of these new features crop up in earlier test builds, but they’re worth recapping here. And there are a ton! Here are some of the highlights of the new build, as listed by Microsoft. (If you have a PC running a Release Preview build, you can ensure you’ll get the new features by opening Settings > Windows Update and turning on the toggle “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available.”

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