China Bans Micron Chips Claiming They Pose a Risk to National Security

From PC Mag: China bans the use of Micron's chips by major Chinese firms after deciding they pose "significant security risks."

As The Wall Street Journal(Opens in a new window) reports, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) carried out a review of Micron which concluded that the US chipmaker poses a threat to national security. Any Chinese companies operating in information infrastructure, for example banks and telecomms firms, are effectively banned from using Micron's products.

In response, the US Commerce Department released the following statement:

"We have seen the announcement by the People's Republic of China (PRC) regarding Micron. We firmly oppose restrictions that have no basis in fact. This action, along with recent raids and targeting of other American firms, is inconsistent with the PRC's assertions that it is opening its markets and committed to a transparent regulatory framework. We will engage directly with PRC authorities to detail our position and clarify their action. We also will engage with key allies and partners to ensure we are closely coordinated to address distortions of the memory chip market caused by China's actions."

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