X Users Now Have to Pay for TweetDeck

From CNET: X, the company formerly known as Twitter, has gotten rid of free access to its productivity-minded TweetDeck platform. Now renamed to XPro, the platform is only available as a perk in the X Premium subscription service.

A support account for the company known as X posted on July 3 that the change was coming and that in 30 days, users must be Verified -- aka, must pay $8 a month on desktop or $11 on Android or iOS for X Premium -- to access "a new, improved version" of what is now called XPro.

Several of XPro's listed features have already existed in TweetDeck, while new perks include advanced search, continuing to watch a post's video while scrolling through XPro and choosing whether to view top posts or latest posts in columns.

The X Support post noted that Teams functionality would be unavailable and "restored in the coming weeks," but it's unclear if that has happened. X didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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