The iPhone 15 Pro Could Soon Show Why Periscope Cameras Are Great

From CNET: If the rumors are right, the iPhone 15 Pro will get a periscope camera. That's probably only exciting if you know what one is. If you don't, we're here to explain it for you.

In short, a periscope camera uses clever engineering to pack a bulky telephoto lens into a compact smartphone body so you can take photos of distant subjects like mountains or musicians.

Apple didn't comment for this story, but a periscope camera is a no-brainer. Cameras are the most important feature in most phones, as evidenced by the amount of time manufacturers devote to detailing the new abilities during each launch event and the profusion of lenses sprouting from the backs of new models. Taking photos and videos is one of the most personally important uses of our phones.

We'll find out Sept. 12 at Apple's "Wonderlust" event what the company has built into the new iPhone 15 line.

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