AMD Comes Roaring Back, Gains Market Share in Laptops, PCs and Server CPUs

From Tom's Hardware: AMD made significant revenue and unit share gains in the server, laptop, and desktop PC markets during the last quarter. Year-over-year, AMD gained 5.8% unit share in desktop PCs, 3.8% in mobile, and 5.8% in servers. Looking at the percentage of the cash AMD gained compared to its rivals (revenue share) year-over-year, AMD gained 4.1% in desktops, 5.1% in notebooks, and 1.7% in servers.

The preceding quarters were challenging both for the consumer PC and server markets as chipmakers and their clients tried to normalize inventory levels and align supply and demand. The situation has largely normalized for the two major CPU suppliers — AMD and Intel — in the third quarter as PC makers started to purchase processors for back-to-school and holiday seasons, whereas server makers ramped up production of machines based on the latest EPYC and Xeon platforms. Overall, AMD was luckier than Intel in Q3 2023 as it gained share, according to Mercury Research.

As it turns out, AMD has gained client and server CPU market share both quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year in the third quarter of 2023, based on data from Mercury Research. The data does not include numbers for Intel and Arm, though, given the dominance of AMD and Intel in client PCs, we can guess that AMD's gains were at Intel's expense.

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