Signal's New Texting Features Give You Better Message Controls, Privacy

From CNET: Signal said Wednesday that several new features have been trickling into the texting app over the last several weeks, including enhancements to text messages along with a way to limit message threads with people you aren't in regular contact with.

The end-to-end encrypted messaging app Signal has gotten more popular in recent years as users look for ways to communicate while retaining the privacy of their chats. The Signal team has slowly added features found in other apps. In its New Features Roll Call blog post, Signal said message editing and formatting have arrived in the app -- allowing users to fix typos and add formatting.

Edited messages include the ability to check the full edit history of a message, so the original version of a text won't be lost forever when edited. Signal is also limiting edits to 10 times within 24 hours of sending. An exception are for texts sent to oneself, which can be edited an unlimited number of times since that's not actually a conversation.

Signal is also adding formatting, which includes traditional bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace options. The app is also including "spoiler" formatting, which acts similar to the Invisible Ink feature in Apple's iMessage. Text that's in "spoiler" formatting will remain obscured until it's tapped on, allowing it to remain hidden until it's the right time to view it.

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