Nvidia Reportedly Sold 500,000 H100 AI GPUs in Q3 Alone

From ExtremeTech: Nvidia pulled in a metric crap-ton of money in the most recent quarter, due mainly to sales of its data center products. The company showed more than a 200% increase in total revenue year-over-year, and out of $18 billion in earnings, $14.5 billion was from its data center products. Now we have some numbers to include with those rosy earnings, as a market analysis firm has posted estimated sales figures for its flagship H100 accelerator, noting the company moved over half a million units of that one GPU in the last quarter alone.

The new figures come from a market analysis firm named Omdia (via Tom's Hardware). Omdia estimates the biggest H100 customers for the past quarter were Meta and Microsoft, each purchasing 150,000 GPUs. Those two companies were responsible for 300,000 units, with the other 200,000 going to Oracle, Tencent, Google, and Amazon, which reportedly bought 50,000 each. The report notes that all of these companies are currently working on their own custom silicon to handle AI and HPC duties in the future, so sales are expected to drop a bit eventually as they transition away from Nvidia's GPUs.

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