CORSAIR Updates its Lineup of Custom Cooling Kits with the iCUE LINK-Powered XH405i

From Corsair Press Release: CORSAIR (Nasdaq:CRSR) today unveiled the iCUE LINK XH405i RGB, the latest evolution in its award-winning Hydro X Series of custom cooling kits. Since the launch of the original XH305i kits in 2020, CORSAIR has revolutionized the custom cooling market, offering enthusiasts a comprehensive package that simplifies the entry into custom cooling. These kits have successfully introduced thousands of new DIY builders to the hobby. Building on this legacy, the XH405i RGB kit elevates the experience with an advanced suite of cooling components augmented with RGB lighting, harmoniously integrated with CORSAIR’s innovative iCUE LINK technology to further streamline the building process.

The XH405i kit, available in stealth gray or white, bundles everything you need to set up a stunning iCUE LINK-enabled CPU custom cooling system. This includes a high-efficiency CPU water block, a top-tier D5 pump/reservoir combo unit, three stunning QX120 RGB fans, a 360mm performance radiator, and more. Taking advantage of the game-changing iCUE LINK ecosystem that vastly reduces the complexity of component connections, the XH405i makes custom cooling a genuinely accessible hobby for enthusiasts of all levels – not just the most dedicated builders.

The XC7 RGB ELITE CPU Water Block delivers extreme cooling performance with a premium copper cold plate and hexa-flow cooling engine. It is compatible with a wide range of Intel® and AMD® processors, supporting LGA 1700 and AM5 / AM4 sockets. The XD5 RGB ELITE Pump/Reservoir Combo is powered by the widely popular D5 PWM pump and features a 440ml integrated nylon reservoir. Both units come with innovative in-loop temperature sensors that enable next-level cooling performance control thanks to the intelligent, bi-directional iCUE LINK connection. Furthermore, iCUE LINK ELITE components are now Smart, housing individual microcontrollers that manage and report performance and temperatures to the included System hub and iCUE software.

The inclusion of three QX120 RGB fans, alongside the XR5 360mm radiator, ensures optimal heat dissipation, while 148 individually addressable RGB LEDs across the entire cooling setup offer endless customization options through CORSAIR iCUE software.
Transparent XT Hardline Tubing completes your loop, easily shaped and cut to your needs with an included XT Hardline Bending Toolkit. A liter of pre-mixed clear XL8 Performance Coolant carries heat away from your CPU. The XH405i contains all the necessary XF Hardline Fittings and Adapters, with extra fittings included for those looking to expand their cooling to GPU blocks.

For builders wanting to do just that, the updated iCUE LINK XG7 RGB GPU Water Blocks are launching alongside the XH405i. Updated models fit GeForce RTX™ 4080 and 4080 SUPER MSI SUPRIM / GAMING TRIO and ASUS® ROG STRIX / TUF Gaming cards, joining the best-selling 4090 SUPRIM / GAMING TRIO water block. These iCUE LINK-ready blocks ensure comprehensive cooling for your GPU, memory, and VRM, pushing your graphical performance to new heights while eliminating noise from stock fans.

If you’ve been interested in building a custom cooling loop, the XH405i, with its integration of award-winning iCUE LINK technology, offers the perfect opportunity to achieve the unrivaled performance and spectacular looks that only custom cooling can provide.

Availability and Pricing
The CORSAIR Hydro X Series iCUE LINK XH405i Custom Cooling Kit and Hydro X Series iCUE LINK XG7 RGB 40-SERIES GPU Water Blocks are available now from the CORSAIR webstore and the CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors.

Core Hydro X Series custom cooling components (CPU and GPU Water Blocks, Pump/Reservoir, and Radiators) are backed by a three-year warranty, alongside the CORSAIR worldwide customer service and technical support network. Other products in the XH405i kit (fans, coolant, tubing, and fittings) are backed by a two-year warranty.