Google Sees AI Agents Getting Into the Video Games We Play

From CNET: Google's latest AI agent is learning how to navigate a familiar space: gaming.

The tech giant released new research on its Scalable Instructable Multiworld Agent, or SIMA, on Wednesday. This agent can follow instructions to carry out tasks in video games -- and play games it has never seen before.

But, like Genie, which DeepMind, Google's AI research arm, discussed in a research paper published Feb. 23, SIMA is a research project.

"We could in the future have agents like SIMA playing alongside you," said Tim Harley, a research engineer at DeepMind who co-led the project. "Agents that are cooperative that you can talk to and instruct to do various things in the game with you on the fly."

DeepMind says its interest in video games is in part because they are a good training ground for AI systems. The AI company hopes research like this enables it to "understand how AI systems may become more helpful."

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