Thermaltake Expands Magnetic Force Design to the Upgraded CT Series PC Cooling Fan

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake is pleased to launch the CT120/140 EX ARGB Sync PC Cooling Fan (3-Fan Pack). Thermaltake aims to extend quick magnetic force connections across more fan series, bringing this innovative design to more cooling solutions. The CT EX is a new addition with the advanced MagForce 2.0 for a superior magnetic connection. It also features enhanced cooling capability and 9 addressable LEDs, providing exceptional thermal performance and spectacular lighting effects.

The new MagForce 2.0 Quick Connect Design has two times larger pogo pin contact pads to prevent potential faulty alignment, allowing the CT120/140 EX ARGB Sync to achieve optimal installation efficiency. Attaching the CT EX with the magnetic force design instead of using numerous cables facilitates outstanding cable management and results in a neat interior within the chassis.

In contrast with previous CT series models, the CT EX significantly enhances cooling performance. The CT120 EX ARGB Sync can generate 68 CFM of airflow and 2.95 mm-H2O static pressure while keeping a 28.5 dBA noise level; the CT140 EX ARGB Sync can reach 90.3 CFM of airflow and 3.07 mm-H2O static pressure while maintaining a 30.7 dBA noise level, maximizing the performance of ARGB fans.

These CT EX fans come with a robust fan frame and new exterior design, to ensure stable fan operation and avoid air leakage, guaranteeing a perfect fit for either chassis or radiators. Furthermore, the anti-vibration rubber pads on the CT EX corners can minimize vibration, allowing the fans to spin at higher speeds with low noise levels.

Moreover, the CT EX includes 9 addressable LEDs, and it supports 5V motherboard lighting software. Therefore, users can easily customize the glorious lighting effects with 16.8 million colors through motherboard software without installing any extra lighting software or controllers. The CT EX is an ideal PC cooling fan that meets both performance and aesthetic needs.

If you are looking for an ARGB fan with excellent cooling performance and steady magnetic force connections, the CT120/140 EX ARGB Sync is a must-have. Equipped with Thermaltake's new MagForce 2.0 design, it stands out as an essential for your cooling setup.

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