Images of DJI’s newest drone keep getting leaked

From The Verge: DJI’s next drone launch event is just around the corner on April 11th, but that hasn’t stopped the leaks from flowing. A new set of images from reliable leaker Roland Quandt gives us an even more detailed look at what appears to be the new Avata 2 drone, the RC Motion 3 controller, and the Goggles 3 headset.

Just like previous leaks (and DJI’s own teaser), the images shared by Quandt show the Avata 2 drone with a refreshed design featuring a less prominent camera housing, along with three-bladed props. Leaked specs from @Quadro_News suggest the Avata 2 will come with a 1/1.3-inch camera sensor, a 155-degree viewing angle, and the ability to shoot video in 4K at 60fps. It’s also rumored to have a 23-minute battery life with a 40-minute charging time at 65W.

As for the Goggles 3, Quandt’s leak corroborates previously shared images, which show two cameras placed on the outside of the first-person view (FPV) headset. Marketing materials shared by drone leaker Jasper Ellens say this lets you “observe your surroundings without removing the goggles” thanks to a “micro-OLED high-definition display and ultra-low-latency transmission.” A separate leak from @Quadro_News claims the headset offers the same two-hour battery life as its predecessor.

Additionally, Quandt’s leak offers a look at the RC Motion 3 controller, which, unlike DJI’s standard FPV controller, lets you steer the drone using a combination of your hand movements and its joystick. When compared to the RC Motion 2 controller, the Motion 3 controller appears to move the joystick to the left side of the controller, while putting the mode button in a more central location. The orange lock button also looks a bit bigger.

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