Meta is shutting down Workplace, its enterprise communications business

From TechCrunch: Facebook once had big ambitions to be a major player in enterprise communication and productivity, but today the social network’s parent company Meta will be closing a very significant chapter in that story. TechCrunch has learned that Meta is shuttering Workplace, a version of Facebook that had been built to enable communication among business teams and wider organizations.

We have reached out to the company for comment but our sources tell us that the company plans to make an official announcement later today. The sources say that it will be business as usual on the platform until September 2025. Then it will be read-only until May 2026. Then, the service will be completely decommissioned.

According to a memo to Workplace customers, the company is is recommending Zoom-owned Workvivo as a migration-ready alternative. Workvivo, another enterpise communication platform, was acquired by Zoom in 2023. We have the full Meta memo below.

It’s not clear yet how many employees will be impacted by the closure.

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