Nvidia Blackwell 'Superchips' Will Cost Around $70,000 Each: Analyst

From ExtremeTech: When Nvidia pulled the wraps off its next-generation Blackwell architecture in March, the company didn't discuss pricing and focused mainly on performance. However, its existing GPUs have been in high demand for some time now, with individual units selling for up to $40,000 on eBay, leaving folks wondering how much a Blackwell chip would set them back. An industry analyst is reporting that the company's Blackwell CPU+GPU "Superchips" will probably cost around $70,000 each, with the company's flagship 72-chip server fetching a price of $3 million. This estimate perfectly aligns with earlier reporting on Nvidia's pricing strategy for Blackwell.

Barron analyst Tae Kim's Twitter bio says he is currently writing a book about Nvidia, so he's likely quite knowledgeable about the company's costs and machinations. In a recent tweet, he stated that according to HSBC in London, Nvidia will sell its GB200 NVL36 servers for approximately $1.8 million, with the 2x version dubbed NVL72 going for around $3 million. The NVL36 is the company's "midrange" offering, with 36 GPUs and 18 Grace CPUs, whereas the NVL72 doubles that to 72 GPUs and 36 CPUs.

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