VMware’s Workstation Pro virtual machine software is now free for home users

From PC World: Virtual machines, simulated PCs with their own operating systems running within another computer’s software, are super freakin’ cool. (That’s a technical term, I’m a professional technology writer.) But they’re not easy to set up, especially if you’re a newbie. They just got a lot easier, because VMware made its popular Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro VM software free for personal use.

Most users who are looking for a free solution to running a virtual copy of Windows, Linux, or any other operating system on a PC typically go with Oracle’s VirtualBox, which is open-source and powerful, but not especially user-friendly. As a professional product with decades of development and support, VMware Workstation is far more accessible.

Workstation Pro can be downloaded here, Fusion Pro here. Workstation is for installation on Windows and Linux, Fusion for Mac, and both can be used to run more or less any modern operating system virtually.

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