PC Adapter for Sony's PlayStation VR2 Is in the Works

From PC Mag: Sony's PlayStation VR2 headset and controllers may soon be compatible with PCs via a new adapter, if a Sony filing with a South Korean regulator is any indication.

Earlier this week, a PC adapter for the PS VR2 was certified with the Korean National Radio Research Agency, which examines, tests, and certifies tech products. The adapter now has a certification number, which suggests a public release could be on the horizon. The PC adapter for the VR2 would mark the first time Sony has enabled full PC support for its VR devices.

The PS VR 2 is currently only compatible with the PlayStation 5 console. It's not fully compatible with PCs and won't connect to a PS4 console. Sony's original PS VR headset will work with either the PS4 or the PS5, thanks to a different adapter it made for the 2016-era headset that connects it to the newer console.

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