Nvidia May Downsize RTX 5090 Founders Edition Graphics Card to Dual-Slot, Dual-Fan

From ExtremeTech: Before the launch of the RTX 4090, there were several rumors about what a monstrous GPU it would be. The standard practice is to believe that since GPUs are getting more powerful each generation, they will keep getting bigger to accommodate larger coolers necessary to keep things chilly. That wasn't the case with Ada Lovelace, though, as it had the same 450W TDP as the 3090 Ti, and it might not be the case with Blackwell, as now Nvidia is reportedly downsizing its flagship GPU to dual-slot and dual-fan.

Word of Nvidia's plans comes from the well-known GPU leaker @Kopite7kimi on Twitter, commenting on all aspects of Nvidia's upcoming Blackwell gaming GPUs. In this instance, one of the new rumors floating around is that Nvidia will use a quad-slot cooler for the RTX 5090 Founders Edition, which caused the account to clarify that Nvidia will return to sanity and go with a dual-slot, dual-fan solution. If that happens, it would mark a serious reversal on Nvidia's part, as it hasn't offered a dual-slot flagship GPU since the RTX 2080 Ti in 2019.

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