AT&T Is Having an Issue With Calls Not Going Through to Other Carriers

From CNET: AT&T users were once again having issues with their wireless service, with the carrier confirming on Tuesday afternoon that it was having difficulty connecting calls to users on other networks.

After initial concern that it was an outage, the carrier said in an updated statement that it had not suffered an outage and that it is working with other carriers to fix the problem.

"Our network is not experiencing a nationwide outage," an AT&T spokesperson told CNET in the statement. "There is a nationwide issue that is affecting the ability of some customers to complete calls between carriers. We are working closely with Verizon to determine the nature of the issue and what actions need to be taken."

In an earlier statement the spokesperson said that "nationwide 9-1-1 services are operating normally at this time and our customers are not affected. We're working to correct a wireless impact notification that was sent in error to 9-1-1 call centers."

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