Google is working on a Recall-like feature for Chromebooks, too

From PC World: Microsoft’s new Recall feature in Windows 11 has attracted a ton of attention — some good, some bad. But Google’s ChromeOS chief says that the company is cautiously exploring a Recall-like feature for Chromebooks, too, referred to right now as “memory.”

I sat down with John Solomon, the vice president at Google responsible for ChromeOS, for a lengthy Computex interview around what it means for Google’s low-cost Google platform as the PC industry moved to AI PCs. Microsoft, of course, is launching Copilot+ PCs alongside Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite — an Arm chip. And Chromebooks, of course, have a long history with Arm.

But it’s Recall that we eventually landed upon — or, more precisely, how Google sidles into the same space. Recall is great in theory, but in practice may be more problematic.) Recall the Project Astra demo that Google showed off at its Google I/O conference. One of the key though understated aspects of it was how Astra “remembered” where the user’s glasses were.

Astra didn’t appear to be an experience that could be replicated on the Chromebook. Most users aren’t going to carry a Chromebook around (a device which typically lacks a rear camera) visually identifying things. Solomon respectfully disagreed.

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