DisplayLink goes ‘Pro’ to highlight even faster speeds

From PC World: Synaptics and its customers are debuting a new logo for the fall: DisplayLink Pro, which will be DisplayLink’s answer to the next-gen, high-bandwidth offerings from the USB and Thunderbolt camps.

The new logo is important, because that will really be the only indicator that Synaptics’ next-gen DL-7000 chip is inside the new DisplayLink Pro docks. While Thunderbolt and USB docks use standardized interfaces, the capabilities of a DisplayLink dock depend on the Synaptics chip inside.

DisplayLink docks serve as an alternative to Thunderbolt, and have typically been low-cost, stable alternatives to higher-priced Thunderbolt docks. Because DisplayLink docks use hardware compression to reduce the bandwidth — essentially undetectable while using most apps, outside of gaming — the number of displays that can be connected can surpass USB or Thunderbolt. At Dell’s recent Dell World conference, for example, Synaptics executives said that they connected a grand total of six 4K displays to a Dell XPS computer.

Synaptics is now referring to its technology in slightly different language: as a “software graphics card,” and that its technology is “GPU agnostic” and not dependent upon any hidden features in discrete or integrated GPUs.

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