Apple Intelligence Dominates WWDC: iOS 18 and Everything Else Revealed

From CNET: Apple arrived late to the AI party, but now it's ready to face off against Google and Microsoft. On Monday the Cupertino company announced Apple Intelligence, its AI framework supporting a host of new features across all operating systems, as well as the operating systems themselves: iOS 18, iPadOS 18, WatchOS 11 and MacOS 15 (Sequoia). You can already download an iOS 18 developer beta; all the other operating systems enter public beta later this year.

Early in the event, Apple whipped through some updates coming to AirPods and TVOS.

AirPods will be able to recognize head nods, and personalized Spatial Audio will be available for gaming (with developer support), starting with Need for Speed.

With all the operating systems, there's a ton of AI driving the new features, powering all the text summaries, drafting, image personalization -- sketch, animation and illustration -- and more. Apple has introduced a programmer kit for adding AI and App Intents support so developers can define actions and access AI. And it's added code completion and other dev tools to its coding software apps.

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