Samsung Devices to Expect in 2024: Galaxy Z Flip 6, Galaxy Ring and More

From CNET: The Galaxy S24 series arrived in January, bringing a first glimpse of the company's big AI push. But we're still expecting several major new mobile products from Samsung in 2024, such as the Galaxy Ring and new foldable phones, all of which are likely to embrace AI in one way or another.

Generative artificial intelligence, or AI that can create new content in response to prompts after being trained on data, took the tech industry by storm in 2023. Samsung is no exception. In November, it announced its own generative AI model. And in January, it launched the Galaxy S24 lineup -- the first phones to come with the company's Galaxy AI suite of features.

Samsung has been selling smartwatches and wireless earbuds for years, but the tech giant is expanding into a new genre: smart rings. The company teased its first smart ring, known as the Galaxy Ring, during its January Unpacked event and then showcased it at Mobile World Congress in February. While it didn't say much about the ring other than confirming its existence, health tracking will be the major focus. It's a plausible use case for such a device.

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 5 was a significant step up from the Galaxy Z Flip 4, thanks largely to its bigger cover screen, gapless design and improved camera. The rumored Galaxy Z Flip 6 will likely build on the Z Flip 5 with typical upgrades like a fresh processor and perhaps more software features that take advantage of its foldable design. A report from the blog Galaxy Club indicates that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 could have a 50-megapixel main camera sensor, which would represent a notable step up from the Galaxy Z Flip 5's 12-megapixel camera.

Like the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung's newest Galaxy Z Fold also usually arrives in the late summer time frame. Rumors about what's next for the Z Fold are scarce. But a recent patent showing a device that looks a lot like the Galaxy Z Fold with an S Pen slot has generated speculation that Samsung's next book-shaped foldable will finally have a place to store its stylus. That could make the Galaxy Z Fold 6 more useful as a productivity device.

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