Intel to Release First 6-Core CPU in September

From X-bit Labs: Currently existing processors contain 1, 2, 3 or 4 cores. However, this series will very soon get a continuation: next month we are going to see 6-core Intel processors aka Dunnington. These CPUs will belong to Xeon 7400 family targeted for scalable (up to 32-way), reliable, powerful 64-bit servers for enterprise applications.

6-core Dunnington processor should be announced on September 14, according to company roadmap. The line-up will include three models: Xeon X7460 with 2.67GHz clock frequency and 130W TDP, Xeon E7450 with 2.4GHz frequency and 90W TDP and low-voltage Xeon L7455 with 65W TDP and 2.13GHz clock speed. All processors will be built with Intel's new 45-nanometer Penryn technology and will support 1066MHz bus speed. Xeon X7460 will be equipped with 16MB L3 cache while Xeon L7455 and Xeon E7450 will have a 12MB L3 cache onboard.

New Xeon X7460 and Xeon L7455 processors will be priced at $2729, and Xeon E7450 – at $2301.

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