Mozilla experiments with a universal content reader, Snowl

From CNET Mozilla has released a 0.1 version of Snowl (official blog post), an experimental add-in for Firefox that reads news and nanoblog feeds. It's an attempt to marry together the incoming separate content streams that many of us have feeding on to our desktops full time: News and blog stories via RSS, and social and personal communications from services like Twitter.

Of course, under the skin they're all just RSS feeds. The key to mashing these feeds together is treating them somewhat differently depending on where they came from, and adding in capabilities to let you take action on an item.

Currently, Snowl just showcases two ways to blend news and nanoblog feeds into a browser. There's a three-pane view, like an e-mail client or a traditional offline RSS reader, and there's the newspaper or "river of news" view (which did not work correctly for me). The add-on searches for items you've received as you type in queries, which makes it a useful tool for quickly recalling items.

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