ASUS to Launch S101 in September with 64GB SSD

From DailyTech: ASUS is the firm mostly responsible for kicking off the netbook trend with its Eee PC computers. The Eee PC at first was a small, lightweight netbook that ran on Linux and was intended mostly for surfing the net, listening to music, and chatting with friends.

Since its introduction the Eee PC has grown and become more of an ultraportable in price and features in some of the high-end models. ASUS has announced a new system called the Eee S101 that would have taken the Eee brand to a much higher price range. iTech News Net reports that ASUS will drop the Eee branding from the computer to reflect its higher price tag of $899.

At $899 the notebook will get a 64GB SSD. Users willing to make due with a 32GB SSD will be able to get the S101 for $699. The other features of the notebook will be the same between the two models. The S101 will use a 10.2-inch LED backlit LCD and will be powered by an Intel Atom processor.

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