SanDisk Announces slotMusic Portable Audio Player

From DailyTech: In the heyday of music sales before the advent and mass adoption of digital audio players, record labels reaped massive profits off the back of music sales on CDs. Today, the same music labels are seeing profits drop to record lows as consumers embrace the digital age of music sales.

To try to get back to the profitable physical music formats of yore, most major record labels threw their backing behind a new format called slotMusic in September. The format is nothing more than a microSD card that has digital tracks preloaded when purchased.

The problem facing slotMusic, other than the fact that physical format music sales are virtually extinct, is that the class-leading iPod lacks a microSD card slot. The iPod may not be slotMusic compatible, but SanDisk's line of Sansa players are and SanDisk has announced a special DAP just for the slotMusic format.

The good thing about the player itself is that the device is cheap at $19.99, and it should be cheap given the features. The device has no internal storage, no LCD, and no internal rechargeable battery. Power for the device comes from plain batteries. On one end of the Sansa slotMusic Player is the needed microSD card slot.

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