APH Networks Reports: Lenovo customer service hell, as you've heard

A few weeks ago, I ordered a Lenovo T400 laptop -- and from what I had read, it was one of the best laptops in the market. With excellent battery life (9+ hours with a 9-cell, switchable integrated/dedicated on specific models, and LED screen), generally excellent reputation for ThinkPad laptop's excellent reliability, it was really hard to resist this purchase -- considering the fact that my Dell Inspiron 6400 recently died. The Lenovo T-series' features, performance, weight, you name it -- are as perfect as a laptop would be. The funny thing is, many of these customer service articles that I've been writing here on APH Networks started off with a couple negative reviews, balanced with another handful of positive ones from manufacturers such as BenQ, NEC, and Shaw Cable. And then it all stopped, with the amount of reviews that we've been putting out every week for the last couple years. Well, while I'll still write this week's review (Hopefully!) despite spending time to write this article, here's a new one for you: and right off the bat, I hate to say it but -- it's more than negative. To clarify, I'm not trying to "get back" at Lenovo or anything, but for accurate consumer reference only -- and be as objective as possible. After all, Lenovo's laptops are attractive, that's why I bought one. Hello, my first impression of Lenovo.

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